Tests and Application Notes

Clearing Petroleum Residue From Tanker Cars, Vessels and Storage Tanks

Dilute 1 part FYRE-ZYME with 50 to 75 parts of water. Always add FYRE-ZYME to water, but NOT water to FYRE-ZYME

Spray the FYRE-ZYME-water solution heated to 75-85C on surface to be cleaned using 10-30 bar of pressure with the rate of approximately 1 gallon (4 liters) per 10 sq. meters.

Wait 3 to 15 minutes and wash the cleaned surface with hot water.

Application of a solution of FYRE-ZYME to a contaminated surface

It must be noted that:

If it is not feasible to apply high temperature FYRE-ZYME cleaning operation, the Petro-ffin enzyme cleaning process offers the alternate method of cleaning contaminated surfaces.

Clearing Petroleum, Oils and Oil Products in Pipelines

The following describes a procedure for cleaning pipelines used for hydrocarbon products, such as crude oil and petroleum refinery products. Identical procedure applies to pipelines contaminated with edible oil products.

Mix FYRE-ZYME with water with the concentration 1:50 -1:75

Pump the mix through pipeline.

For large diameter pipelines, to reduce consumption of FYRE-ZYME and assure effective cleaning of overhead parts of pipelines, spray the FYRE-ZYME mixture on the inside of pipelines and follow with water wash some 3-4 minutes after of FYRE-ZYME-water mixture application.

FYRE-ZYME-water mixture is not flammable and operation with open flame (such as welding) may be conducted after the cleaning application without use of additional safety precaution.

FYRE-ZYME is completely compatible with oil and oil product in all phases of processing and storage.

Clearing Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Sewage Systems, Pipes and Odor Control

The 5% FYRE-ZYME solution in water is used for the removal and reduction of contaminants from the sewage systems. The solution may be applied by one of the following three methods: a) simply pumped through the system, b) sprayed on surfaces with contaminants or c) filling the system with the solution.

In order to open obstructed pipes it recommended pouring the FYRE-ZYME solution in the pipe as close to the point of obstruction as possible and allowing the solution working for several hours.

The FYRE-ZYME will also concurrently remove the unpleasant odors from the sewage system.

Clearing Hydrocarbons from Industrial Wastewater and Treatment Facilities

Hydrocarbon wastes, such us petroleum and petroleum based products, create a severe problems for all waste water treatment plants killing the bacteria used for waste water treatment and contaminating the environment.

Use of FYRE-ZYME provides significant assistance in negating these problems.

FYRE-ZYME is a specific enzyme and contains no bacteria of any kind which may interfere with sewage treatment systems. It requires no complex or expensive installation, has low operation cost and is practically maintenance free. It is metered into the waste effluent as early as possible according to the flow and organic containment levels, such as biological oxygen demand, suspended solids, fats, oils, grease and other impurities.

It is recommended to start the procedure from the concentration FYRE-ZYME in water 1:10,000 and experimentally correct the concentration achieving the highest of performance with the minimum of FYRE-ZYME consumption.

The hydrocarbons in wastewater after treatment with FYRE-ZYME will coagulate into large flakes, which will float on the surface or settle near the bottom, and are easy to remove.

FYRE-ZYME will also clean the interior (walls and bottom) of the storage tanks and pipelines.

The residual of the FYRE-ZYME will continue to work as a biocatalist and activate bacteria used for waste water treatment.