Petroleum-based Bioremediation

Uses      Tests and Application Notes

FYRE-ZYME is a highly concentrated enzyme with added natural biosurfactants and is used as a solvent for cleaning and degreasing of a variety of surfaces including surfaces and containers contaminated with petroleum based products.

FYRE-ZYME acts as a surfactant to help break up organic mass by neutralizing the sub-atomic ionic (electrostatic) charges.

Material Safety Date Sheet: Fyre-ZymeTM

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Product Identification

Product:                                         Fyre-ZymeTM
UN Number:                                 Not required
Dangerous Goods Class:  Non-Hazardous
Universal Shipping Code:            3507.90.7000

Hazard Rating (NFPA/HMIS)                                              Rating Scale
Health = 1*            Reactivity = 0                              0 = minimal            1 = slight
Fire = 0                   Special = None                           2 = moderate          3 = serious
                                                                                      4 = severe

Mild eye irritant, non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic. None of the ingredients in Fyre-ZymeTM are regulated nor listed as potential cancer agents by Federal OSHA, NTP or IARC.

Use: A specialized non-hazardous and environmentally-friendly cleaning agent for the removal of paraffin and associated compounds in crude oil wells and petroleum pipelines.

Safe Handling Information

Fire/Explosion Hazard
Fyre-ZymeTM is non-flammable, stable and will not burn.
Flash Point/Auto-Ignition: Not relevant
Extinguishing Media: Non-flammable/ non-explosive. No special procedures required.
Special Fire Fighting Procedures: None required

Reactivity Data
Non-reactive: Fyre-ZymeTM is stable, even under fire conditions, and will not react with water or oxidizers. Hazardous polymerization will not occur.

Storage and Transport
No special precautions are required. This product is non-hazardous for storage and transport according to the U.S. Department of Transportation Regulations.

Fyre-ZymeTM requires no special labeling or placarding to meet U.S. Department of transportation requirements.

Spills and Disposal
Spill or Leakage Procedures: recover usable material by convenient method; residual may be removed by wiping or wet mop. If necessary, unrecoverable material may be washed down to a sanitary drain with large amounts of water.

Waste Disposal: Fyre-ZymeTM is fully water soluble and biodegradable and will not harm sewage-treatment microorganisms if disposal by sewer or drain is necessary. Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Precautions For Use

Exposure Limits
Fyre-ZymeTM presents no health hazards to the user, other than mild eye irritancy.

No special ventilation is required during normal use.

Personal Protection
Precautionary Measures: No special requirements under normal use conditions, with the exception that eye protection is recommended during the handling of undiluted product.

Eye Protection: Caution, including reasonable eye protection, should always be used to avoid eye contact where splashing or exposure to concentrated product may occur.

Skin Protection: No special precautions required. Rinse completely from skin with water after contact.

Respiratory Protection: No special precautions required.

Work and Hygienic Practices: Wash or rinse hands before touching eyes or contact lenses. Follow standard hygienic practices for handling cleaning agents.

Symptoms of overexposure and First Aid Treatment
Eye Contact: Reddening may develop. Immediately rinse the eye with large quantities of cool water. Continue 10-15 minutes or until material has been removed. Be sure to remove contact lenses, if present, and lift upper and lower lids during rinsing. Get medical attention if irritation persists.

Skin Contact: Minimal effects, if any. Rinse skin with water. Rinse shoes and launder clothing before reuse. Reversible reddening may occur in some dermal-sensitive users. Thoroughly rinse affected areas and get medical attention if reaction persists.

Swallowing: Essentially non-toxic. Product may cause a slight laxative condition. Give several glasses of water to dilute if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting. If stomach upset persists, consult a physician.

Inhalation: Non-toxic. Prolonged exposure to product in a mist form (not recommended) could cause a mild irritation of the nasal passages and throat. Remove to get fresh air. Get medical attention if irritation persists.

Ingredient Information

Fyre-ZymeTM contains no hazardous constituents. Its principal ingredients are natural food product related enzymes and miscellaneous methyl esters produced from food product oils. Fyre-ZymeTM contains no known USEPA priority-pollutants, heavy metals or chemicals listed under RCRA, CERCLA, OR CWA.

Toxicity Information

Human Health Effects or Risks from Exposure
Adverse effects on human health are not expected from Fyre-ZymeTM  based on the ingredients. Fyre-ZymeTM is a mild eye irritant. Mucous membranes may become irritated if concentrate is inhaled. Fyre-ZymeTM concentrate is not likely to irritate the skin for most users. Repeated daily application to the skin or continuous contact of Fyre-ZymeTM on the skin may lead to temporary, but reversible, irritation.

Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure
No aggravation of existing medical conditions is expected. Some dermal-sensitive users may react to dermal contact with Fyre-ZymeTM

Non-Human Toxicity (data for enzyme constituents)
Acute Morality Studies:
                                                            Oral LD50 (rats)                   #1 toxicity (death by drowning)
                                                            LC50 (brine shrimp)            > 100 mg/I

Dermal Irritation: Dermal sensitivity tests on guinea pigs proved not sensitizing.

Eye Irritation: Mild irritation was noted in white rabbits without rinsing with water. Irritation scores in rabbits at 24 hours did not exceed 15 (mild irritant) on a scale of 110.

Biodegradability And Environmental

Fyre-ZymeTM is readily decomposed by naturally occurring microorganisms. The natural enzymes contained in Fyre-ZymeTM actually act as a catalyst to accelerate the natural biodegradation of the product.

Environmental Toxicity Information:
Fyre-ZymeTM is non-toxic to marine and estuarine test animals at concentrations less than 2,100 mg/I (2.10%)

Other Information

Physical Description and Properties: Fyre-ZymeTM
Appearance/Odor: Brown color, slight ferment odor
Boiling Point: 100.60 C
Flashpoint: Nonflammable
Specific Gravity: 1.02
Flammability Limits: Nonflammable
Freezing Point: -1.00 C
Vapor Pressure: Less than 5 mm Hg at 200 C
Solubility in Water: Complete
Volatile Organic Compounds: None

General Information:
Containers; Fyre-Zyme residues can be completely removed by rinsing with water. The container may be recycle or applied for other uses.