Tests and Application Notes

NEW NEWS! Funded by the Federal Highway Administration, the Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF) has made an evaluation of the environmental/toxicological impact of the use of Perma-Zyme as a soil stabilization product.
The study found, in conclusion, that:

  1. There are seven chemicals found in Perma-Zyme which are listed in EPA's RBC table.
  2. After Perma-Zyme is applied in soil, all seven chemicals' concentrations in soil will be significantly lower than the RBC levels in residential soil, which means that application of Perma-Zyme does not increase risk level of soils.
  3. Pure Perma-Zyme is either slightly toxic or moderately toxic according to different toxicological analyses.
  4. Perma-Zyme Application Mixture is practically non-toxic in all the toxicological analyses.
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