Tests and Application Notes

Dilution rates


Specialty Application Notes

Grease Traps – Add one gallon of BACTO-ZYME to any trap up to 150 gallon capacity. If over 150 gallons, add one ounce per additional gallon. Follow with one gallon of lukewarm water. If added to open trap, spray exposed surfaces with a solution of one part BACTO-ZYME to 20 parts water, to deodorize. Each week add one quart of BACTO-ZYME per 150 gallons or less capacity. Add one ounce for every 5 gallons over 150 gallons to keep a free and odorless system.Septic Systems - Add 16 ounces of BACTO-ZYME for each 100 gallons of septic capacity. BACTO-ZYME may be flushed or poured in drains leading to the tank. Add one ounce of BACTO-ZYME for each 100 gallons weekly. Deodorize and restore adsorption fields with two gallons of BACTO-ZYME added to enough water to cover 400 square feet of field area, followed with a thorough wetting of water. Repeat after four days if needed.

Drains - BACTO-ZYME may be added directly from container or into drain lines by automatic dispenser. Add BACTO-ZYME at lowest use period. Always treat lowest levels of drains in system first.

Lift Stations and Wet Well - To prevent formation of a grease cap, add one ounce of BACTO-ZYME for each gallon capacity. Each week add % ounce of BACTO-ZYME per gallon capacity.